(seriously, revise this title. It’s too corny)

A quick weekly list of three things and/or experiences I am reading, baking, watching, or otherwise enjoying. These are the little things that are adding joy to my life, even if in small, barely-noticeable ways; the things I would excited chat about in the group convo with my best friends. I hope they change your life in tiny ways too, if you try them!


Actually, I have this habit of reading something like 5 books at once. They’re all different genres so I switch back and forth between them depending on my mood. The one that has been grabbing my attention the most lately is Maybe You Should Talk to Someone. I’m only about a quarter of the way through, but so far the book is not at all what I expected; it still has a lot of heart, though, and some great advice from an actual therapist. I judge the quality of a book by how likely I’d give it to a friend as a gift, and this one has definitely passed the test.

Life-Changing Product

During lockdown, I established two habits: 1) i started tracking my macros, and 2) starting taking vitamin B12 daily.

The unexpected result: my nails have become indestructible.

A bit of a humble-brag: after dealing with brittle nails for most of my life, I am not sure of how to act with these claw-like bits coming out of my fingertips. They make thinking hard about my to-do list for the day, tap-tapping my fingers against my desk, something of vital importance. They elevate holding things such as my coffee mug to a luxurious experience. Even the click-clacking of my nails hitting the keys as I write this blog post is extremely satisfying. I look down at my hands after repotting my plants or working out or deep cleaning my room, expecting half my fingers to be stumpy and bleeding; instead, I need to re-do my mani because you can already see the new growth.

Even just typing this (clack-clack-clack-clack…), I can’t believe it.

I believe the vitamin B12 is the one to thank for this, though I can’t be sure. Either way, I’ll talk about it ad nauseum. This is the brand I’ve been taking. A bottle, if you take one tablet a day, will last you two months. I hope this also serves as your miracle nail strengthener.

And speaking of…

Life-Changing Product

I was introduced to DIY gel manis by a former roommate, and among the other things this wonderful human being has done for me, this ranks toward the top. The learning curve is rather steep, especially when you are using your non-dominant hand, but if you have ever used a paintbrush, you will be fine–patience is key when doing your own mani. At less than $30 this gel kit, which includes little stickers and other knick knacks I’m not sure how to use, has paid for itself. This kept my nails looking nice during lockdown–and therefore, it kept my spirits up: I always feel more like a civilized human when my nails are looking good; hair could be a total disaster, but if my nails look bad, I will slowly sink into self pity of the “I’m so ugly no one will ever love me” variety.

I got my kit on eBay, though I have seen it on Amazon as well (the specific it I got is currently out of stock on eBay.) I like to alternate between regular polish and gel nail polish to reduce the damage done to my nails.

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