This is My Only Resolution for 2018

In my Instagram post I proudly announced that on Christmas Eve I won the game of life.

Well… I lied.

I welcomed 2018 by having brunch at the cutest restaurant with my best friend, attending a street-wide dance party, befriending strangers in an attempt to find some champagne before midnight, and enjoying my first new year’s kiss ever with a guy who vaguely looked like Chris Evans. After a certain (rather on the low side, really, I'm such a cheap date!) number of drinks, I woke up the next morning before my 8AM alarm clock, with warm morning light coming in through the open window, and miraculously hangover-free.

Now, that is winning.

And let me tell you… I hope to end 2018 the same way.



Not with drunken shenanigans and a short-lived acquaintance with the toilet, of course. But with that feeling of knowing that maybe, just maybe, the party is such a roaring success because of you. That little bit of mischief that comes after you’ve had a few glasses of wine. The joy you feel when your favorite throwback song starts playing, and that pitter patter in your chest when you see someone cute across the room and find that they are looking back at you.

I want this year to be the year I allow myself to fully submerge in my creative side. It has been there all along, waiting to be let out and play. But I, prioritizing security and making my family proud, went for what seemed like a sensible choice.

Well… look at how it ended.

I was my best self when I was up all night, chugging gallons of coffee while surrounding by an assorted mess of paintbrushes, acrylic paints, and gigantic canvasses. I felt most like myself when daydreaming about my latest photography project, and how to best convey the message that had been running circles in my head. And though my future does not need to involve gazing broodingly into the moon or experiencing fits of deep emotion peppered with manic energy, I want it to be one reflective of who I am as a person.

One I made for myself, and thus a future I can be proud of.

So there it is, my resolution for 2018.