Birthday Reflections: 25 Lessons in 25 Years

When I was a little girl, I envisioned turning 25 years old as this momentous occasion. My hair would always be perfect. My skin would be clear. My fashion sense amazing. A handsome man holding my hand. A clear idea of who I was and what I wanted out of life. 

In hindsight, really, that's laughable. 

I have learned some things, though. Some trivial, some funny, some that completely shook me to my core. Some I learned by experiencing the sharp pain of the consequences, others I learned by watching other people's misfortune.  But I have learned. My goodness, have I learned.

Up next: 25 things I have learned in 25 years.



20. The moment before making a decision, and after making a decision, are always the hardest parts of making a decision. The actual moment when you start taking action--paying for that one-way flight ticket; submitting your job application; closing the distance between you and the person you have never kissed but have been harboring an awfully painful crush on--is by far the easiest part. 

21. Constant exercise and a balanced diet do make a difference. 

22. Everything can cause cancer, or high blood pressure, or spontaneous growth of a second head. Just pick your poison and enjoy it--eat that darned cupcake; get that extra cheesy slice of pizza; we're all going to die one day anyway. The key is MODERATION

23. The hardest thing about switching to a mostly raw, plant-based diet is having to explain to people that you have switched to a mostly raw, plant-based diet. There'll be judgement. There'll be raised eyebrows and thinly-veiled comments. For the most part, people don't give a crap. (coincidentally, the people who judge the most are also the people who can't wear their high school clothes anymore. Hmm.)

24. Be kind to your parents; they are not only dealing with you being an Actual Grown Up and not needing their help anymore, they are also coming face to face with their own impending mortality. Just let your mom cook for you once in a while, it'll be fine 

25. Your coworker Susan with the ugly personality will have dated and broken up with about five guys in the time it will take you to figure out how many cats you can comfortably fit in your room. It'll feel awful. You will cry to your best friends about it while eating ice cream and watching trash TV. It's normal. There is also a certain kind of joy in being single

  1. She who has a perfect mani every week, rules the world 
  2. You can't move on to better things without leaving the shitty place you're in right now
  3. You learn a lot about people based on how they approach an upcoming international trip 
  4. Money, time, and energy are never wasted on the people you love. Shower those close to you with these things and they will come back to you tenfold 
  5. Sometimes, a girl needs to put down the self help book and just watch trash TV and eat a pint of ice cream while moaning about how awful life is
  6. A skincare routine can do wonders for your self confidence 
  7. People are always telling you how they feel about you--not always using words, though; with their actions, their inactions, their choices. It is up to you to listen
  8. 90% of life is about showing up. The other 10% is about doing the job to the best of your ability
  9. Leg hair is less visible the more tanned you are, so you can usually get away with not shaving during summer as long as you don't have a hot date 
  10. A lot of people are looking for reasons to be angry: about the world, about other people. They WILL find a reason to be angry, even if there is not one. Just let them be. 
  11. People are going to try and hate because you have an Android phone. Those people are toxic to your psyche and you don't need that kind of negativity in your life
  12. Before buying anything, always ask yourself if you are going to use it a year form now. If so, ask yourself if you can wait until the thing goes on sale. Usually, the urge to buy the thing will cease by then 
  13. People are terrible texters but can still reply to you. Alternatively, being awful at replying to other people's texts is no longer a valid excuse for anything. 
  14. If you want it hard enough you WILL find a way to make it work. 
  15. Whether manifestation and the law of attraction is real or not, I firmly believe there is truth to the idea that you attract the kind of energy you put out there.
  16. Acting out of a sense of gratefulness and enjoying what you have right now is always a good mindset to have. This does NOT mean you have to settle; it just means you will fully appreciate the process and the effort it took to get to the point you are, and the kind of effort it will take to get to that next level
  17. The Curly Girl Method saves lives. LIVES!!!!
  18. Everyone needs to go to New York City at least once in their life
  19. Florence Syndrome is a psychosomatic disorder in which a person experiences dizziness, hallucinations, and fainting spells when looking at art. 


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I don't know anything, No one ever does. In fact, everyone just walks blindly through this life winging it and making random choices and hoping it all works out. Anyone who claims otherwise is just trying to sell you mediocre self-help goal-setting programs. Having some random stranger in a blog tell you about certain truths and lessons is not only pointless, but even downright condescending. You are your own world, your own person, and have come into this Universe to learn your own lessons. Make your own mistakes. Live your own life. Find your own joy. 
laura_alejandra 25 years