Meet the Blogger: 10 Facts

Hello! And welcome to the blog. I figure I'd honored the "Introducing" part of Introducing Laura and say a little about myself:

1.       House: Gryffindor. Myers-Briggs: ENFP. Element: Fire.

2.       I was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. I moved to Tampa when I was 13 years old and I have been living here ever since


3.       After living almost half my life in sunny Florida, I don’t think I could live anywhere snowy. I put on a jacket when it’s under 70 degrees out, and turn into a total baby in the colder months (average weather in Florida during November-January: 60 degrees. Eff. That) Hell, I start shivering if the AC is cranked up too high.

4.       Related to #2: I have never seen snow in my life. 

5.       I love megacities. The bigger the city the better. There is something so beautiful about the diversity and the hustle. I went to NYC last year and I made it a goal of mine to live there someday.

6.       My favorite place in the whole wide world would have to be Italy. I lived in Florence as part of a study abroad program and I fell in love with the richness of its history, its strong focus on family and community, and the food. Oh goodness, the food! I have made it a goal this year to learn Italian

7.       I know almost the entire Hamilton soundtrack by heart

8.       The one in your group of friends that can find a guy’s social security number, home address and criminal record in five minutes just by knowing his first name


9.       I went to school for public health, with a minor in studio art. Art has always been my passion and a very important part of my identity as a person, but I never intended for it to be part of my professional life... so it figures that my first job out of college was managing an after-school arts program, and my current job is at a museum... managing many arts programs. Asi es la vida! 

10.   During my childhood and all the way through my college years I was a HUGE anime nerd. My all-time favorites are too many to name, but Fullmetal Alchemist, Sailor Moon (Go Sailor Mars!), and Attack on Titan will always have a spot on my weeabo little heart. Bonus fact: I had a tumblr blog solely dedicated to Attack on Titan.