Post World Cup Blues

My team lost, and it’s very bittersweet. For one, well… damn, we lost.


On the other hand, this world cup brought entire countries together. Amidst such political divisiveness and terrible news coming in and out, it was nice to just focus on soccer for a while—the nice fans, the fanatical ones, the rude ones basically everyone hates. And the partying.

My goodness, the partying! The family gathering around the TV and commenting together on the game. The nail-biting tension, the joyful yelling when your team scores. A family friend gave me the official team shirt and it was a kindness I never asked for but one I appreciate greatly nonetheless.

I’ll miss that. I’ll miss that a lot. For a moment we stopped being races and political divides and everything that made us different. For a few days, we were just... fans. 

This world cup, and its abrupt ending for my team, comes at a rather strange time for me; yet another sign from the universe that things are about to radically change, and I should hold on tight. Fasten your seatbelt, girl, we’re going for a ride.

About time too: my soul has been calling out for change to come my way,