Thanksgiving Movie Weekend

After properly celebrating Thanksgiving with my family and friends, I got sick. It was the kind of sickness where you just feel terrible enough to do anything at all, but are not actually sick enough to be confined to your bedroom. So, armed with rolls of toilet paper, cold meds, cookies, and copious amounts of water, I curated what I termed the Best EVER Get Sick Movie Marathon Playlist.

The rules were simple:

  • I could not watch anything I had already watched (I tend to rewatch the same five movies over and over again. Terrible habit I’m trying to break)

  • It had to be available on Netflix or Amazon Prime video

  • It couldn’t be a TV show

  • I had to decide based solely on Netflix’s descriptions of the movies. No cheating by looking up reviews!


I did not watch a lot of the movies, since I don’t do well watching TV without breaks, and I was experiencing cabin fever at the end of Day 2. But here is my list:

Cezanne et Moi



Fragments of Love

Blue is the Warmest Color

Our Souls at Night

Tulip Fever

Kicking and Screaming

The Sweet Life


I find it hard to finish a show or to watch movies often because I can’t sit still for that long (unless I’m browsing the internet) so doing this allowed me to really sit down and give my body the time to recover.

Also, having a valid excuse to stay home was kind of nice.

Have you seen any of these movies? Amy movies (or shows!) you like to watch when you’re sick?